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Lantern Enrichment Group offers personalized, one-on-one private tutoring services in K-8 mathematics.  Tutoring programs are customized to suit each student's academic needs and specific learning style.  Progress is carefully monitored through ongoing assessment and shared with parents on a consistent basis. 

We also offer the option of working with the children’s classroom teachers and/or learning specialists in order to maximize success.  Whether students need reinforcement of basic skills or an accelerated learning program, Lantern Enrichment Group is equipped to help students realize their peak educational potential.​

Math enrichment programs are offered for grade K-6 students in small group settings. These programs are designed to both challenge and motivate students. Enrichment services can be chosen from an available menu or custom designed to the specific needs of the school.

Our "Math Muscles" program is a lively math club focused upon fun, interactive math games and activities. Students will develop their math muscles as they learn a variety of mathematically oriented games that encourage higher-level thinking. They will also advance their critical thinking and logical reasoning skills in an engaging and collaborative environment, as they simultaneously hone their computational skills.  

​​​Lantern Enrichment Group offers a wide range of elementary math services to students, parents, and school systems throughout southern New England.

One of the most critical components in helping to support student learning is the home-school connection.  Studies have shown a strong positive correlation between family involvement in children’s education and student achievement.  Yet many parents struggle to support their children in mathematics, as the subject is often taught differently today. 

We offer a broad range of parent math workshops specifically designed to bridge the gap between the different approaches to both teaching and learning mathematics.  Parents will learn multiple strategies to support students at home with developing number sense and computational fluency, as well as tips for assisting with problem-solving situations.